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Types of Voice Data Cabling in Brighton

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Cabling is the material as well as system through which data and also information is transferred from one unit to another. There are a number of applications for cable materials, such as transmitting telephone data, computer network data and a lot more. Voice data is among the types of information to be transferred in this way. When installing a system to move data of this sort, you have a variety of different options from which to choose in Brighton.

Unshielded Twisted Pair

Unshielded twisted pair cable is usually the least expensive type. Generally known as UTP cable, this is comprised of pairs of wires which are intertwined around one another within the larger cable framework. The reason behind this twisting is to help the smaller sized wires avoid interference from both electrical as well as radio influences. UTP is susceptible to a reasonable degree of interference, though this could be not a concern for voice data information transmitting.

Shielded Twisted Pair

A little more expensive than UTP cable is shielded twisted pair cable, commonly called STP. This cabling is similar to UTP in lots of ways, although the wires within the cable structure are shielded by a braided metal band. This will help to protect them from electrical frequency interference, making the link more secure and dependable.


Coaxial cable is one of the very common types of material designed for the purposes of transferring voice data. This kind is constructed with a core of copper, that is an excellent material for sending information data. The copper core is enclosed by a thick plastic barrier together with a metal shield, both of these help to provide coaxial cable with a much better protection from interference because of electrical and radio sources compared to either UTP or STP. Coaxial cable could be somewhat more difficult to set up than these other types, however.

Fiber Optic

Even though it is oftentimes the most expensive kind of cable to purchase for a plan of this type, fiber optic is either the fastest and the most really resistant to interference. Fiber optic components make use of a flexible glass core. Rather than send out standard data bits, these kinds of cables transfer light. This gets rid of the risk of electrical interference as well as allows the data to be transferred over bigger distances than for some of the other types listed above. Fiber optics are usually also much faster compared to these other types, as well.

To find the best kind of cable for your voice data cabling project in Brighton, it's best to get in touch with a professional data cabling installation expert. They could help you to determine which materials will be most conducive to an effective connection and a high-speed transfer capability.