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CCTV Solutions in Rye

cctv solutions

In an imperfect environment, nuisance lawsuits are a point of life. Some nuisance legal proceedings have been won on the idea that "Caution Coffee May Be Hot" was not printed on the takeout coffee cup. Everyone knows that coffee must be hot but since it turned out not printed on the cup the lawsuit was earned. Businesses are subject to nuisance lawsuits each day. One method of reducing the quantity of successful nuisance lawsuits is usually to have a CCTV installation at each store.

A CCTV set up in the place of business will give a measure of security for the company in the defense against nuisance lawsuits. The video recording of the store and the recording of the video is the first type of defense against the nuisance lawsuit that statements actions purportedly occurred in the store.

cctv setup

Any video tape recorder or Electronic digital Video Recorder that records images from Surveillance cameras inserts a time/date stamp onto the recording. This time/date stamp can provide the evidence necessary to prove that the individual filing the nuisance lawsuit was possibly not at the store or was not injured at the shop. This time/date stamp which was generated at the time of the recording might not be altered or erased and is a definitive marker of the video.

Nuisance lawsuits may also arise from the interactions of the clerks in the store with the customer. An illustration of this this is a female client who claims that a male clerk produced improper advances to her. Through the usage of a CCTV solutions in their security program, the actions of both the clerk and the client can be viewed. When the attorneys for the client are presented with the evidence, the lawsuit in many cases will be diminished if the video shows no inappropriate interaction between clerk and client.

There are nuisance lawsuits which have been filed in the millions of dollar variety. Most of the nuisance lawsuits which are filed are for considerably less. If the CCTV setting up saved the company only $20,000 one time, the CCTV set up would have paid for by itself. This return on investment when included with all of the other advantages of a CCTV installation make a CCTV setting up highly attractive to any company.