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CCTV Installation Uckfield

Thanks for stopping by our site & we will be delighted to help you with your CCTV needs. T-Smart Technology are an expert CCTV installation company near Uckfield who delight customers with high quality CCTV installations in both residential & commercial properties.


CCTV has become very affordable in recent years, something that could have set you back a few thousand pounds may only be half that making it viable solution for homes to protect things like cars, out buildings, land, your family and not only business premises. Get I touch today to book in your FREE CCTV Consultation.


CCTV Company Uckfield & Maresfield


We help you with CCTV installations in Uckfield, Maresfield & other nearby towns including Buxted, Framfield & Blackboys as well as the entire East Sussex county. We offer a wide range of CCTV services which includes residential & home CCTV installations, commercial & business systems and IP CCTV.


Home Installation


As I have already mentioned CCTV has now become a viable solution for many homes across Sussex where it may not have been a few years back. Prices start at £595+VAT for a HD one camera system and extra cameras can be bolted on for a bit extra. If you are interested in Home CCTV I recommend that you visit our home CCTV installation page which has home CCTV packages based on the number of cameras that you require. If you require any more than 4 cameras on your property, please just contact us and we will get a price ready for you.


Commercial & Business Installation


CCTV has become a corner stone for most businesses these days and particularly for businesses operate from fixed or multiple premises, with staff or for businesses that keep large amounts of stock or assets. Our CCTV systems can help you monitor your building & stock if you’re concerned that these will ever be targeted by crime, theft & vandalism. Our systems can also be used to monitor staff to increase overall effectiveness and productivity or to track cash transactions on a till if you’re concerned about losing money this way. Many of our systems can even be used to identify shopping behaviours & habits to see where your most popular products or promotions are by quickly generating heat maps to show where people have been and spend the most time.


Having your business protected by CCTV often is as an effective deterrent as it is at catching criminal activity which is perhaps the main benefit. WE can even set up your system, so you can view, access and monitor it when away from site through desktops PC’s or through smart phones and tablets with an app that we can set up for you.




IP CCTV is typically much more popular with large business CCTV systems, but it can also be implemented within a domestic environment. Some of main benefits of IP CCTV systems are:


Very clear images – We can install cameras of up to 12MP!

Very secure

Easily extendable & expandable – For large CCTV systems IP CCTV is perfect

Operates of your network – If you have a data cabling system in place this can often be used to connect your IP CCTV system, or your system can be integrated within your network.


Let’s Discuss Your CCTV Needs


Book in for completely FREE no obligation CCTV consultation & assessment in today and we will have a CCTV expert out to you to discuss your CCTV needs. We can answer any of the questions that you may have and make suggestions based on your property. If you’re concerned about cables showing, we can discuss things like cable routes as well.  We will leave you a quote for the work if you want one with no hard-selling techniques. What are you waiting for? Book in your free assessment in today.