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CCTV Installation Hailsham

Welcome to our site! Here at T-Smart Technology we specialise in high quality expert and affordable CCTV installations in Hailsham & surrounding areas Hellingly, Upper Dicker & Horsebridge as well as the entire BN27 region and East Sussex County.


If you’re interested in protecting your home or business with CCTV then you have come to the right place. We have multiple solutions for you and we can help with anything from a single camera installation or alignment to complete business & commercial CCTV systems designed & installed.


CCTV Services Hailsham


We offer a wide variety of CCTV services in and around Hailsham in East Sussex and here are some of the most popular services that we can offer you.


Home/ Domestic CCTV

Business/ Commercial CCTV

IP & HD CCTV Systems


CCTV Installations in Hailsham For The Home


If you’re interested in protecting your home with CCTV, please do get in touch today and we have both high quality & affordable solutions for you. CCTV can be used as a deterrent to limit the chances that it is your property that will be targeted for acts of crime like theft, burglary & vandalism. CCTV can be used to protect your home, car, family & loved ones, gardens, land & out buildings as well as a whole a load of other uses.


All of our systems when set up have the ability for you to be able to log in remotely when connected the internet to view live images, access recordings and even get alerts when someone has crossed a boundary on your property. This makes it perfect for keeping an eye on the kids, elderly relatives and pets.


If you haven’t already I recommend that you check our Home CCTV installation packages.


CCTV Installations For Business


We can help you protect your business with CCTV too. There are so many reasons why you may want to consider a professionally installed CCTV system in Hailsham including:

Protecting stocks & Assets


When installed correctly CCTV can act as a deterrent to limit the possibility that it is your business that will be targeted by criminals and should the worst ever happen provide evidence that can be submitted to the court and given to the police.


Monitoring Staff


You may have stock going missing or staff are not performing as well as expected, in which case CCTV could be your answer. CCTV can be used to monitor cash tills and staff to ensure that they are working efficiently.


Lower Insurance Premiums


Obviously, I can’t speak on behalf of your broker or underwriter but having CCTV installed on your business premises can lead to cheaper business insurance premiums & many forms of cover will not be available to you without CCTV so over time the CCTV could pay for itself with the money saved.


IP CCTV & HD Systems Hailsham


All the systems we install are of the minimum of equivalent of 1080p full HD, even the analogue ones. IP CCTV offers many advantages over traditional HD-TVI systems and these include increased security, increased picture quality, one of our cameras in capable of images of 12MP & can be far easier to expand to a greater number of cameras. IP CCTV operates over data cabling so can integrate with your existing data cable or structured cabling network.


CCTV Installation Near Hailsham


As well as CCTV installations in Hailsham, Horsebridge & Hellingly. We can also help you with CCTV services in the following towns and villages. Magham Down, Upper Dicker, Herstmonceux, Stunts Green, Bodle Street Green, Windmill Hill & Cowbeech.