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CCTV Installation Bexhill On Sea

T-Smart Technology are the only company you will ever require for your CCTV needs, we provide a wide range of CCTV services in Bexhill & Bexhill On Sea and can help with anything from a simple one camera system to a complete business or commercial CCTV system with large numbers of cameras.


We have completed numerous CCTV installations in Bexhill & nearby areas including Hooe & Ninfield and we pride ourselves in a fast, professional, personal and affordable service.


CCTV Services Bexhill


We offer a wide range of CCTV services in Bexhill which include but limited to the following:


Domestic & Residential CCTV installations

Commercial CCTV installations



Home CCTV Installation in Bexhill


If you’re interested in installing CCTV at your home address together with all the benefits that it brings, let us be the company to do this for you. We have “off the shelf” CCTV packages for our home CCTV systems that we install which makes buying from us so easy. You just pick the number of cameras that you require and find the package most appropriate for you.


All of our home installations come with all HD cameras, so you can be sure of the highest quality monitoring images, a generous hard drive capacity for storing all those high quality recorded images and connection to the internet so that you can log in, view, monitor and access recordings when away from home through your smart phone, tablet or desktop PC. We also give a full demonstration after the CCTV has been installed so you will be ready to just to pick it up and go. No complicated configuring on your part.


If you are interested in something more bespoke for your CCTV needs, not a problem either. Our home CCTV packages were built so it’s easy for our customers and most of our home installations would fall into these packages. But we can also install things like IP systems, zoomable & PTZ cameras if these are required.


Business CCTV Installations Bexhill On Sea, East Sussex


If you have a business address or premises I would suggest that having a professionally installed CTV system to monitor day to day activity should be an absolute priority. There are many ways that can compliment your business but some of the most common reasons that we install CCTV at commercial properties are for the following:


Monitoring of building and stock – This can be used to protect your assets in the event of acts of crime such as theft & vandalism and provide evidence which can be used by the police and in the courts


Monitoring of staff – You may want to monitor your staff for several reasons, this may be for their own safety, so that you can monitor efficiency to see that your staff are doing what is expected of them or the handling of cash if you are concerned amount the loss of money.


Monitor shopper activity – Another common use of commercial CCTV installation is to quickly find your most popular parts of your shop or products. Some of our systems can also provide heatmaps or customer activity to see where the most popular parts of your shops are and to monitor any promotions you may be running.


We can set up your home or business CCTV system so that you can get push notification alerts on your phone or e-mails whenever someone crosses a boundary on your premises. This is perfect for when you need to see in real time what happening at your property.


IP CCTV Installation Bexhill & Bexhill On Sea


Although traditional analogue CCTV systems have come on leaps and bounds in the last few years. There are now affordable 8MP TVI cameras on the market and we still use them for most of our CCTV installations. IP CCTV still has some major benefits which includes higher image quality & flexibility & increased security and it can all operate over your existing data network if you already have that in place.


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