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Before Choosing Your TV Bracket

Before you choose the correct TV bracket that you wish to use to wall mount your TV. There are a few things which must be considered. Here are 4 things you should consider before you purchase a TV bracket.

Fixed, tilting or full motion bracket

If you would like your TV fixed in a single position, then a fixed TV bracket will be perfectly fine for you. But if you wish to have a bracket which can be angled towards you in one way or another then you would need either a tilting bracket or full motion TV bracket. Tilting brackets allow the TV screen to be tilted down which is perfect for when TV’s need to be mounted high. Full motion wall brackets allow the TV to be pulled out and angled in different directions if you will be watching the TV from more than one location.

Size & Weight of the TV

You need to ensure that the bracket you buy is going to strong enough to support your TV. The last thing you want is for your expensive new TV to be smashed on your lounge floor. You need to check that your bracket can support, 1 the size of your TV and 2, the weight of your TV. This is particularly important with full motion TV wall brackets.

VESA Pattern

The VESA pattern or VESE standards indicate the distance between the holes on the back of the TV where the TV wall bracket is fixed. These are usually standardised these days in distances in multiples of 100mm. You need to ensure that the TV bracket is compatible with where the fixings are on the back of the TV.

Who will be installing it

That’s where you pick up the phone and book in T-Smart Technology in for your expert TV wall mounting installation

Tom Smart

June 5, 2018