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Data Cable Hanger Options

It used to be that installers would hang their phone ranges and cable off anything together with ceiling grid, pipe, sprinklers, everything they could get a zip tie on. The good thing is, codes eventually put an end to that particular practice and most technicians are using some method of data cable hanger.


Bridle Rings.

One of the very first data cable hangers were bridle rings. These are typically simply 1/4" rod bent in an open circle. They are offered in various sizes up to 4" as well as have either a 1/4"-20 thread for mounting or even a screw type end that may be screwed up into wood.

As cable has developed and become more sensitive, these types of rings are being employed less as the bearing part is two narrow for newer electrical wiring applications. Mineralac has a bridle ring with an internal saddle that makes it suitable for most newer forms of cables.

J Hooks

One of the very popular forms of data cable hangers is the iron j hook. J hooks are exactly that, a j shaped hook that it is possible to lay your cable in. J hooks are available in sizes ranging from 3/4" to 4". J hooks are an exceptionally versatile data cable hangers as offered plain or with hammer on clamps, wings to attach to grid wire and rod, position clips to mount to threaded rod a lot of other configurations. Some associated with these data cable hangers include retainers to keep the cable in examine.

Generic metal j hook data cable hangers are now available which can offer some unique variations and will definitely help you save money over brand names.

Plastic Data Cable Hangers

One data cable hanger that is definitely gaining popularity very in no time is the new strap type hangers. Arlington Enterprises makes a product called the Loop that is a plenum ranked loop that has a closure keeping the cable under control. These hangers have a built-in mounting block that causes them to easy to mount to the wall, ceiling, threaded rod or even a mounting bracket.

As with the metal j hooks, the Arlington Loop can be purchased with a variety of configurations conserving time on the job. One of the primary advantage of this types of hanger is cost, usually having about half the cost of bridle rings and metal j hook data wire hangers.

In conclusion...

In these modern times there is a wide a number of data cable hangers offered. All of them provide you with their own advantages. Many data cable distributors get involved a real rut, merely being interested in selling you wire and don't take the time to show you all of the the new hangers. Take some time on the net and you will end up pleasantly surprised at the wide selection of data cable hangers accessible to you.