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Audiovisual Systems Installation: Should You Go With the Lowest Bidder?

If you ever believe the media, one full week we're in economic recovery making the next, times are hard once more. Regardless of your very own financial situation, your belief probably falls into one of two camps:

- You will get what you pay for... low-priced = low quality.

- You're often looking for the best bargain. Why pay more?

If you might be shopping around for an audiovisual installer, whether it really is for your new home theater room system or for your bistro, nightclub or corporate boardroom advertisement AV installation, you're perhaps entering your search with some of those two thoughts in mind. Nevertheless this all-or-nothing approach can hurt you, no matter which side of the argument you're on.

Three Estimates, Three Selections


When you're shopping for an audiovisual devices installer, it's wise to obtain three estimates. Here in the New York City tri-state area, there's no deficiency of audiovisual integrators to choose from. (We hope you are likely to make JD Systems one of your own calls!) But, when you make your concluding decision, there's a lot extra to consider than price. Discussing with three integrators gives you enough of a choice without overwhelming yourself with choices or wasting quite a few your time.

Choosing Your Audio Video Contractor

Here are some tips to get the information you may need quickly and easily to get the best choice.

1. Make sure the AV integrator is picking brands you can rely on. You don't want to go with the cheapest price if he's going to obtain the TV screens for your sports bar, nightclub or shop location at a big box store. In case you have a strong preference for precise brands, let him be aware of. If he doesn't carry those models, you might be wasting everyone's time... as well as your own!

2. Make sure that the firm has the experience needed to complete a project like your own. Ask to see examples of different work or ask for references. Consult with the Better Business Bureau. But the majority of importantly, trust your choices. Does the representative sound like he is sure about what he's doing? Certain, some people can discuss the game and then keep the job site looking like, well, a development zone, but you're a wise New Yorker. Your instincts will seldom fail you when you get a reliable feeling (or a flawed one!) about a contractor.

3. The usual rule is to go with the bidder in between, who's taking your budget into contemplation while providing you with the best bang for your buck. But bear in mind, larger audiovisual firms can turn up bulk pricing on some products. Smaller guys may not have the ability to come down a lot on products like monitors and audio speakers, but they might be capable of offer you more value for your cash or find other imaginative ways to work within your spending plan. If you go with the cheapest bidder you might (not ever, but sometimes) be sacrificing the individualized service you'll get with a small company.

Find out just what exactly is included in the price value, but, most importantly, go along with your gut instincts: Who do you feel will probably treat you right? Who's going to be there in the midst of the night if you bear an issue with your sound video systems? Who is listening like they appreciate your needs?

Whether it's the largest bidder, lowest bidder or the one in the center, that's the audio video installer you intend to choose for your most essential project.