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3 Ways of Watching TV

You have a wealth of options available to you these days and a huge selection of programmes each utilising different mediums to reach you. Below are 3 ways that you can use to get the TV up and working in your property

1. TV Aerial

Perhaps the most known here in the UK because it has been around the longest. A TV aerial is usually installed on your chimney or high up on in wall or in a loft. This then picks up transmissions from land-based transmitters which are usually no more than 10 miles away from your location, the aerial can then be connected to your TV with an interconnecting coaxial cable with Freeview, BT Vision, TalkTalk TV and EETV TV each using a TV aerial as a means of delivering live TV

2. Satellite Dish

Satellite TV is delivered as the name suggests, via satellites in space to your home. The TV transmissions are beamed up to satellite which then beams them back down enabling the transmissions of reaching a far greater distance then they otherwise would have been able to. Satellite TV is received via a satellite dish which is then connected to a satellite receiver, this is usually a set top box but is increasingly being built directly into TV’s themselves. Some of the satellite TV services available here in the UK are Sky, Freesat and a multitude of other services from the continent.

3. Internet

For the future. It is said that young people nowadays watch more catch up TV delivered through the internet than any other live TV alternative. You can now receive catch up TV and live TV through an internet connection with the main benefit being that you don’t need an external TV aerial or satellite dish installed on your property. You need to have a reasonable internet speed to be able to stream TV from the internet but the options available to you are now almost limitless. Sky has announced that they will be offering subscribers the opportunity to have their service without a satellite dish soon and I’m sure than this trend will continue into the future.

Tom Smart

June 5, 2018