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Rural Broadband Solutions East Sussex

Rural Broadband Services

If you live in a rural location or are a long distance from your nearest telephone cabinet. You may be experiencing poor or a non-existent broadband service which can make modern life difficult and running a home business impossible. Rejoice, we have solutions for you. We have numerous solutions which can act as an interim service until fast reliable internet is available in your area or as a permanent high speed alternative to ADSL or Fibre broadband.

Beneath are some of the services we have which could solve your rural broadband needs.

Etherair Installations

Etherair is a fast, ultra-low latency broadband service which delivers broadband wirelessly to properties across East Sussex and is received with a small un-obstructive dish, not too dis-similar to a Sky satellite dish. It is perfect for businesses who need fast reliable broadband and for homes that can only receive a very poor broadband service. It has potential speeds of up to 1Gbps. Etherair is only available in parts of East Sussex and as it is supplied via a land based transmitter it does not have 100% coverage.

Click here to find out more about Etherair wireless business broadband.

Satellite Broadband Installations

Satellite broadband has a near 100% coverage of the UK with speeds of up to 30MB downloads possible. Satellite broadband is received and transmitted via a satellite dish. As satellite broadband it is not reliant on a telephone line connection it can be installed anywhere, the only thing you would need is the equipment itself and an electrical supply. This makes it perfect for situations where there are no telephone lines or for temporary sites like building sites where a broadband connection could be very beneficial. As satellite broadband has to travel up to satellites in space and back down again it is high latency when compared to other types of broadband, making it unsuitable for high speed online gaming.

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