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Data Cabling Installations

Data Cabling Installations

If you’re looking for a high speed data cabling network for your home or business, T-Smart Technology is the data cable installation company for you!

Don’t let poor connectivity hold your business back, we can install you a Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A or Cat7 data networks for speeds of up to 10Gbps. We provide fast, reliable, data cable solutions for a multitude of commercial properties including:

  • ‍Data Cabling Installations for schools
  • Data cabling installations for offices & workplaces
  • Data cabling installations for home
  • Data cabling installations for Hotels & guest houses

We offer free quotes for all new data cable installations for business so please do not hesitate in contacting us to discuss your needs.

Point to Point Installation

If you need to connect a secondary office or an out building and it is not possible to link the two buildings via a cable, we can install you a wireless link between the two buildings so that the secondary building who may otherwise not be able to connect to the internet. The secondary building will have all the connectivity benefits of the main buildings so it would be possible to connect to your VOIP telephone system, add and extend your IP CCTV system and access other files and so on that are on the network.

Home Data Cable Installation

The modern home is now connected.TV, phones, set top boxes, printers, PC’s, laptops, even things like central heating systems and metered gas and electricity supplies are often connected to the internet, each home is now becoming its own mini office. With all of the demands placed upon these devices you need to maximise your broadband speed and reliability so everything runs nicely. Obviously many things can connect over WIFI but for the best possible connection we advise “WIFI” for things that move, “Wires” for things that don’t. So if you are trying to stream 4K from Netflix you would get a far better connection with a data cable Ethernet installation.