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IP CCTV Installation

IP CCTV Installation

If you’re looking to protect your business or commercial property, I would give an IP CCTV system some serious consideration, although the technology is ever improving and huge advancements have been made in recent years we can now install IP CCTV systems with camera resolutions of up to 12MP, which is absolutely crystal clear imaginary considering that 5MP is around the quality of 4K video.

So if you are looking for the best quality images which would allow you to zoom right into recording footage at great detail, IP CCTV over HD-analogue CCTV systems is absolutely the way to go. It does also mean that an IP camera would be able to record a far greater area as to do this with a lower resolution CCTV camera would make the pictures become unclear and blocky.

Perfect for Business & Commercial Property

IP CCTV offers some significant advantages over alternative surveillance systems for business & commercial properties. One of the main reasons aside from image quality is how the system how the system works. IP CCTV uses Cat5e or CAT6 to connect the cameras to the system so it can run over an existing data network and easily added to an existing network.

Because an IP system utilises network cabling is far easy to scale than other types of system making it ideal for large properties and commercial usage for places like offices, factories, and warehouses. The same data cable can also be used to power the camera which can really simplify installation.

IP cameras can also be used for ANPR systems to record vehicle number plates entering or exiting an area, like a car park.

Unrivalled Picture Quality & Flexibility

I have already mentioned about how the picture quality is far greater on IP cameras but there are many other features in which an IP system can improve your image quality with numerous other features. For example if your images have too much light in the background of your recorded images, adjustments can be made to reduce the effect of this, likewise if the background is appearing dark compared similar adjustments can be made. If you needed to capture images in a long corridor, where other cameras would be too wide with an IP system the picture can simply be rotated.

Features of a IP CCTV Installation

  • ‍24 Hour recording facility
  • Motion Detection & Alerts
  • Infra-Red day and night viewing
  • Image Quality of up to 12MP (Well above 4K video)
  • View your CCTV on the go through smart phones, tablets, laptops and PC’s
  • Full set up and demonstration
  • Extra Secure & reliable
  • Very Scalable for large CCTV systems and a large volume of cameras

Benefits of a IP CCTV Installation

  • Ideal of CCTV Upgrades
  • ‍Peace of Mind & Added Security
  • Proven Deterrent of Crime
  • Protect Your Business property and assets
  • Monitor and view your property/ car/ business when away from home