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HD Analogue CCTV Installation

HD-Analogue CCTV Installations

Gone are the days where you have to install an IP CCTV system for high quality recording images which typically cost a fair amount more than an analogue system and can be completely unnecessarily for many CCTV demands.

With one of our HD-Analogue CCTV installations with use TVI technology and coaxial cables, you can picture resolutions from 2MP, Full HD quality all the way up 5MP or 4K! Which is crystal clear images.

Perfect for CCTV Upgrades

If you have any old CCTV system where the images are not very clear, often the cameras used in the past we only around 470 TVL, which is worse that than an old analogue TV picture before the digital TV switchover. Upgrading to a HD-TVI system will be far easier than upgrading to an IP system. This is because the same coaxial cables can be used, whereas with an IP system you would need to install Cat5 or Cat6 cables to each of the cameras instead, which can save you a lot of money on your CCTV installation upgrade.

Remote Viewing through Smart Phone App & PC

With all of our HD-Analogue and TVI CCTV installations which we usually install as standard for all of our domestic home CCTV installations you can access, view, monitor and access recordings from all over the planet through a easy to use smart phone app or on your PC or laptop.

We offer this facility as standard with all of our HD-Analogue CCTV installations and give a full demonstration on how to use this. If required we can set up your system so that you can that you can get push notifications or e-mails when someone comes onto your property.

Features of a HD-TVI CCTV Installation
  • ‍24 Hour recording facility
  • Motion Detection & Alerts
  • Infra-Red day and night viewing
  • Full HD & 4K CCTV Cameras for crystal clear images
  • View your CCTV on the go through smart phones, tablets, laptops and PC’s
  • Full set up and demonstration
  • Benefits of a HD-Analogue CCTV installation
  • Ideal of CCTV Upgrades
  • Cost Effective Solution Compared To IP CCTV
  • Peace of Mind & Added Security
  • Proven Deterrent of Crime
  • Protect loved ones, family, elderly and pets
  • Monitor and view your property/ car when away from home