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Business CCTV Installation

Business & Commercial CCTV Installation

If you are the owner or leaseholder of commercial property, store stock, assets and vehicles. A very sensible thing to do would be to protect the downside and have CCTV installed in your business premises. It’s actually very disappointing that those who are going out there creating jobs, building the economy are usually the first to be targeted with vandalism, theft and burglaries.

Here are T-Smart Technology we can help you with a wide variety of surveillance options to protect your business, whether it be with crystal clear 4K images, secure IP CCTV systems or PTZ CCTV cameras in which the camera view can pan, tilt and zoom for items of interest.

We Can Provide Business CCTV Services in the following:
  • CCTV for Shops
  • CCTV for Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs
  • CCTV for Offices
  • CCTV for Care Homes & Nursing Homes
  • CCTV for factories & warehouses
  • CCTV For Doctors Surgeries/ Pharmacies

As CCTV demands can vary dramatically from business we will design and install your new CCTV system completely bespoke. We offer a completely FREE no obligation CCTV assessment and quotation for all business & commercial CCTV installations. If you need to monitor number plates that enter and exit your premises, or have cameras viewing above cash tills so that you can see exactly what is entering and exiting your till system, no problem please get in touch today to discuss your needs.

Keep An Eye On Your Business When You Can’t Be There!

One of the most advantageous features of a CCTV installation from T-Smart Technology is the ability to monitor, access and view your CCTV system when on the go from all over the globe on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. This is a feature that we set up completely free of charge as standard with all of our business CCTV installations in Sussex.

Should you wish we can set up your system so that you can get push notification alerts on your phone or e-mail when someone enters or exits your property, or simply crosses a boundary.

We can even install you a CCTV system which can generate heat maps of where the most activity is in your store, so if you own a shop. You can quickly see with a few clicks where your most popular products are and advertisements that are capturing your customer’s imagination and influencing purchases.

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